Full Stack Developer with JavaScript-Backend Focus

portland, Oregon

A health services organization is seeking a Full Stack Developer (Javascript – Backend Focus) to join their team in Portland, OR.


  • Design and develop robust solutions to hard problems considering scale, security, reliability, and cost
  • Work with business partners to qualify and shape requirements, offering suggestions that meet business needs in a better way than described
  • Embrace firm’s software development practices, tools, and frameworks, but also introduce/recommend new approaches where appropriate
  • Deliver needed project functionality for specific deliverables, but deliver in such a way that the value is useful to the organization in the long term



  • Advanced skills developing with JavaScript on the server-side
  • Knowledge of latest features in ECMAScript (ES), and able to describe things like prototypal inheritance, de-structuring, the spread operator, this, and other advanced JavaScript concepts
  • Understanding of internals of Node.js such as the event loop, asynchronous programming, streams, and node ecosystem concerns (i.e. versioning and deployment)
  • Experience with a server-side Node.js framework – NestJS is strongly preferred, or Express.js, Koa, etc.
  • Experience building public RESTful interfaces and can describe the tenets of REST, compare REST to SOAP, and describe REST best practices
  • Understanding of the tenets of protecting client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients/consumers of service data
  • Experience with GIT based source control solutions, understand concepts such as rebasing, squashing, cherry picking, and tagging
  • Extensive experience with TypeScript or a language that utilizes static typing


  • Development experience on the AWS serverless platform (Lamba, S3, DynamoDB, Aurora, API Gateway, SNS/SQS/AppSync, Kinesis)
  • Experience with state management libraries, such as NGRX
  • Experience with Nwrl's Nx workspace framework
  • Front-end development experience with Angular, preferably Angular 5+
  • Understanding of core concepts of relational databases and NoSql databases (querying, indexing, aggregation, etc.)
  • Has worked with JavaScript based libraries to access NoSql/SQL databases (TypeORM, Mongoose, Sequelize, etc.)
  • Experience with Functional and Unit test-based frameworks (Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, Cypress, Protractor, etc.)
  • Developer who also has some DevOps chops: experience with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI, etc.)
  • Experience working with container-based solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, EKS, etc.)
  • Functional Programming techniques; Team uses the Functional Programming support released recently in TypeScript 2.0, so should be willing to learn functional programming paradigms or have experience with functional programming languages

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