Sr. Software Developer

new york, New York

Sr. Software Developer   needed to perform the following duties:


  • Design and Develop Wealth Management application for TIAA, build applications for Portfolio, Strategy, Personalization, Portfolio allocation, maintaining proposal process workflow, risk profiling automation etc.
  • Develop Strategic Portfolio Systems APIs for Portfolio, Strategy and Model Management.
  • Developing Algorithms and implementing using programming language
  • Developing reusable components and services
  • Implementing Parallel Programming & Multi-Threading to develop high responsive application
  • Developing web services to communicate to upstream and downstream applications
  • Solid understanding of full stack of Web Technologies.
  • Coding, Unit Testing & Deployment.
  • Good Architecture skills and well aware of best design practices and software architectures.
  • Good Knowledge in ETL Tools
  • Providing technical solutions for business problems 
  • Building Use-Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, High Level Documents, System Architecture Diagrams, System Integration Strategies, Business Solutions Proposal.
  • Agile Implementation, Sprint Planning.
  • Develop and maintain Portfolio management Suite.
  • Implement effective software solutions for a customer-facing web application responsible for managing financial assets.
  • Design and develop solution based on object-oriented approach, the program needs to be secure, scalable and should provide optimum performance.
  • Critical Technical Production Issues Resolution:  Root Cause Analysis, Strong Debugging Techniques, Collaboration with various technical teams, Strong Understanding of business flows and integrated up stream & downstream applications.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis Mechanisms. Identify the issue and define optimistic solution
  • Perform debugging and Analytical skills to identify resolve the problem.
  • Collaborate with support, business, and various technical teams
  • Strong knowledge in Application and its connected applications
  • Debug tools and strategies
  • Log analysis techniques and problem investigation skills
  • Capable of providing alternate solutions to avoid business process interruptions without compromising compliance.
  • Conduct requirement analysis and write technical requirements document, estimate story points for the work.
  • Conduct requirement analysis using UML diagrams, Class diagrams, Use-Case diagrams for functionality, environment and performance of the project.
  • Requirement Analysis: Understand business needs right from proposal workflow process, choosing right strategy, with defined RTQs, applying personalization’s, account and household creation, portfolio allocation. Understanding of various financial instruments and assets classes, collaborating with Business Teams and Operational Teams with good communication skills.
  • Designing context diagram which defines the system’s boundary, its surrounding environment and all the interacting entities.
  • Understanding Financial Products & Assets
  • Building use case diagram helps depict the interaction between the system and its users. 
  • Analyze performance requirements for the projects by code quality and coverage using Unit testing tools.
  • Perform test Driven Development with Good Code Coverage with unit tests.
  • Project Governance: Code Reviews, Code Quality Analytics, Documentation, Unit Test Coverage Inspections, Software Factory Management, Code Check-ins, and Change Management & Deployments.
  • Use Coding Practices Adhere to TIAA Standards.
  • Quality Deliverables.
  • Perform Auto Deployments.
  • Compliant to Change Processes.


Bachelor’s Degree required in Computer Science or Computer Engineering


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