Software Engineer

new york, New York

Software Engineer needed to perform the following duties:   

·         Advise strategic utilization of customer and client data.

·         Encourage and promote data analytics awareness and ensure efficient and effective system implementation and integration.

·         Design, develop and implement visual solutions through data visualization software like Tableau.

·         Coding, Unit Testing & Deployment.

·         Developing reusable components and services

·         Developing data visualizations to communicate to upstream and downstream applications

·         Use Web Technologies, Desktop applications, ETL tools

·         Providing technical solutions for business problems 

·         Building Use-Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, High Level Documents, System Architecture Diagrams, System Integration Strategies, Business Solutions Proposal.

·         Agile Implementation, Sprint Planning.

  •          Perform Root Cause Analysis Mechanisms. Identify the issue and define optimistic solution
  •          Critical Technical Production Issues Resolution:  Root Cause Analysis, Strong Debugging Techniques, Collaboration with various technical teams, use integrated up stream & downstream applications.
  •           Perform debugging and Analytical skills to identify resolve the problem.
  •          Collaborate with support, business, and various technical teams
  •          Debug tools and strategies
  •          Log analysis techniques and problem investigation skills
  •          Conduct requirement analysis using UML diagrams, Class diagrams, Use-Case diagrams for functionality, environment and performance of the project.
  •          Designing context diagram which defines the system’s boundary, its surrounding environment and all the interacting entities.
  •          Building use case diagram helps depict the interaction between the system and its users. 

·         Analyze performance requirements for the projects by code quality and coverage using Unit testing tools.

  •          Perform test Driven Development with Good Code Coverage with unit tests.
  •          Project Governance: Code Reviews, Code Quality Analytics, Documentation, Unit Test Coverage Inspections, Software Factory Management, Code Check-ins, Change Management & Deployments.
  •          Use Coding Practices Adhere to Cigna Standards.
  •          Quality Deliverables.
  •          Perform Auto Deployments.

·         Compliant to Change Processes


Bachelors degree required in computer science and engineering or computer science or information technology or management information systems 


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