New York City – a city romanticized in TV shows, movies, and perhaps even by yourself, and for good reason. NYC has a niche for everyone, whether you’re an artist, a traveler, a food lover, or tech guru. Here are a few top reasons to move to the city that never sleeps:

1. The Architecture

Without a doubt NYC has some of the most iconic architectural works in the country. Known for its soaring skyscrapers, bustling streets, and beautiful art deco architecture, NYC has amassed some of the most renowned and celebrated works of architecture in the world. A few of the prominent art deco designed skyscrapers recognized are the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building. The gothic revival style Woolworth Building skyscraper, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Trinity Church are a number of significant architectural works. Other renowned landmarks are  Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Hearst Magazine Tower to name a few.

2. The Food

Aside from prominent architecture, NYC is famed for offering a diverse array of foods – whether your heart desires ethnic, upscale, eccentric, or cart food, NYC has it all. From Michelin starred restaurants to $5 chicken over rice, there is something for everyone. If you’re here, whether for work or leisure, three must-haves are bagels, coal-oven sliced pizza and a hot pastrami sandwich (perhaps from one of the oldest Deli’s in NYC: Katz Delicatessen). And if you want a birthday cake croissant, grasshopper tacos, pizza bagel, or chocolate chunk pizza, we have that here, too.

3. The Ease of Travel/Transportation

NYC is a city where walking and riding the subway will be your main form of transportation. It is not necessary (and not recommended) to own a car in NYC, the 24-hour service rapid transit system will get you wherever you need to go, and at a flat-fare of $2.75 one-way trip (or $5.50 round-trip) it is practically a steal. With everything you need right at your fingertips – whether a large supermarket, a bodega, small restaurants, pharmacies, etc. – it is the most convenient place to live if you enjoy a quick walk. NYC boasts one of the most extensive transit systems in the world with the most number of stations (472), so no matter where you live in NYC, you’ll have the ease of being only minutes away from a subway stop.

4. Shopping

If there’s one thing to know about NYC, it’s that shopping here lives up to the glory seen in Gossip Girl.  As wonderfully quoted by a character in GG, “Everything here sparkles,” and it’s quite true, in particular if you’re walking down 5th Avenue, Columbus Circle, 59th St-Lexington Ave, Herald Square, SoHo… or really, pretty much anywhere in NYC with a cluster of shopping centers. It can actually be quite overwhelming if you’re a newcomer, but simultaneously breathtaking. Anything your heart desires is here, from thrift shops to Saks and Barneys.

5. Parks

You’ve probably heard of this “small” park called Central Park. It is perhaps even more important than the skyscrapers for one good reason: it is the landmark that divides the city and gives Manhattan its grid-like navigation system (and if you’re going to live here, you’ll quickly realize how paramount the grid outline of the streets makes navigating that much easier). Aside from the Manhattan grid, one of the very green, peaceful, and relaxing places in the concrete urban jungle is Central Park. Whether you want to ride a boat in the Lake, take a long walk through the park, run or jog in the morning, or visit a zoo, all kinds of outdoors activities are available here. Other famous parks in NYC are Washington Square Park, Bryant Park, The High Line, and the East River Park to name a few.

6. Skyline

Last but not least is the magnificent and world renowned NYC Skyline that outlines Midtown Manhattan. If not the primary, it is often one of the first few things people think of when they hear NYC. Some of the aforementioned historic architectural works are pronounced in the skyline view (Chrysler Building and Empire State Building), and other prominent skyscrapers viewable in the skyline are 1 World Trade Center (the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere), Bank of America Tower, Times Square Tower, and The New York Times Building just to name a few. 

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