The top reasons to take the job in Minneapolis…beside the job itself

Always something to do

Minneapolis has festivals and celebrations for pretty anything much you can imagine, all year round. From the Renaissance Festival & Art Fair in warmer months to the Great Northern and Holidazzle parade that take place when the snow hits, you’ll never be bored.


Not only does Minneapolis provide a number of activities for you to do but you can actually afford to live, work, and play here! Affordability may be one of Minnesota’s top selling points, but it’s certainly not the only thing it has going for it.

Minneapolis is a coffee town

Coffee is huge in Minneapolis! Coffee connoisseurs won’t have any trouble finding their perfect cup of coffee since good coffee isn’t just a niche concern; it’s a way of life.

Bike friendly city

Even in the dead of winter, people in Minneapolis will still use their bikes to get around whenever they can. The city’s been ranked the best in the country for biking, with more than 100 miles of paths and trails for beginners to the most hardcore.

Fresh fruit all year round

In Minneapolis, people like their food local and fresh, no matter what time of year, so the farmers’ markets are a huge part of daily life and they happen to be open all year-round.

Healthiest city in America

With access to parks, lakes and trails, Minneapolis is one fit city. In fact, it’s consistently ranked #1 healthiest city year after year by Forbes. Forbes said Minneapolis residents “breathe clean air, prioritize exercise and keep their weight down.” The city was also an early adopter of bike trails and public smoking bans.

Minneapolis has a thriving tech scene

Minneapolis may not be as famous for tech as, say, San Francisco, but the city has a growing tech scene. In fact, Minneapolis ranked as one of the best cities for women in tech in a recent SmartAsset study. Women make up just over a quarter of the tech workforce in Minneapolis – not ideal, certainly, but a higher percentage than in many other cities.


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