Three ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool that can help you network and market yourself in a professional capacity. It’s important to keep your profile up-to-date, even if you’re not actively on the market for a new job. Beside the obvious like using a professional photo, writing an amazing summary and requesting recommendations from former colleagues; here are the top three ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out even more.

Add Media

The ability to add media files under each job is a relatively new feature to LinkedIn and including media is a great way to showcase your capabilities and portfolio. LinkedIn currently accepts a variety of media files, from pdfs to videos.

Some ideas on what to add to the media section are:

• Articles that you are included in.
• Copies of any awards or certificates you have received.
• Links to your company’s website or employee profile.
• PowerPoint Presentations you’ve given.
• Project portfolio links or work samples.
• Videos footage of you in a professional setting (news clips, presentations, etc.).

Update your profile on a regular basis

If you’re only updating your profile when you start applying for new jobs, you will most likely get overwhelmed with the amount of information to be added and changes that need to occur. A less stressful way to keep your profile in check is to ensure that you are updating your profile on a relatively regular basis – say by setting aside some time every month or quarter to do so. Even better would be to update your LinkedIn profile whenever you update your resume – when you finish a project/assignment or when you accomplish something significant, when you get a promotion and/or when you learn a new skill. Other ways to update your profile include: adding some media files, updating industry keywords, and doling out some colleague endorsements.

Get Involved/Network

If you have a LinkedIn but never post anything or engage with others, you’re not taking full advantage of LinkedIn. A great way to increase engagement on LinkedIn is to join groups and contribute as an active member or if you don’t have the time, consider using a scheduling app like Hootsuite to post content. The more you put into LinkedIn when you don’t necessarily need it, the more you’ll get when you do.

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