How to deal with Stress while Interviewing

Interviews can be stressful – we get it. You want to make a great impression but you’re nervous or it’s your dream job and you know you won’t get a second chance. Whatever your reason is for being stressed on the day of – here are some great tips to help you combat it!

Try and schedule your interview in the morning
Getting stressful things out of the way in the morning leaves less time for negative/anxious thinking.

Be prepared
While you can’t control which questions you are asked, you can control how prepared you are for the interview which will decrease the amount of anxiety you feel when interviewing. The more prepared and knowledgeable you are about your potential employer, the better you are likely to perform in the interview. Researching the company as well as the people you will be interviewing with is a good place to start.

Take the day off
Worrying about traveling to two offices, changing your outfit, and lying all create unnecessary stress that can be avoided if you just take the day off. Treat yourself to the full day off and use the remaining time to send a thank you to the company you just interviewed with or look for other job opportunities.

Arrive Early
When you arrive at the interview site, allow yourself plenty of time to sit in your car, gather your thoughts, breathe, and to center yourself as this will reduce any stress you may have prior to the interview.          

Take a deep breath before you start
When you’re stressed or anxious people tend to take quick and shallow breathes. A deep and full inhale followed by an equal exhale brings more oxygen into the blood, which is a natural relaxant and when relaxed, you can think more clearly.

It is okay to talk slowly; you do not need to rush through it
Speaking fast doesn't help you or your interviewer, no matter how much you want to get your interview over with. Don't speed up to solve your nerves problem. Do breathing exercises and get more practice until you're confident enough to pace yourself.

Smile and make eye contact with the interviewer so that you feel more comfortable
Looking down at your shoes or focusing elsewhere are actions that can convey a lack of confidence and nervousness. Making eye contact and smiling sends the message that you are prepared to answer questions regarding your skills, previous employment and experiences.

Think happy thoughts
Before you walk into the interviewer’s office, take a few minutes to remember a time when you were successful – whether it was a time when you got a job you wanted or successfully ran a volunteer event. Walking into the interview with a positive image of yourself will help you to convey a confident attitude to the employer and put you in a right state of mind.

Ask about next steps/timeline
Find out if more interviews will be needed — and if so, roughly how many, how soon they’ll occur and how they’ll be done. Knowing this information will reduce the anxiety that comes when the interview is over and you are left wondering what’s next. 

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