Breaking Down Job Interview Tips - Tip 1: Research the Company

We recently published an article called ’12 Tips to Ensure a Positive Job Interview’ and one of the comments highlighted that we had provided only a high level overview of each tip. Our next series, “Breaking Down Job Interview Tips”, will provide a deeper look into each and every tip we had given in the article.  Our first tip was to ‘research the company’ and below is an in-depth look on how to do this. 

Look at the company’s website

This will help give you a basic foundation of general knowledge about the company. You should look at the ‘about us’ and ‘history’ sections to get a sense of where the company has been and more information about the leadership If they have a news room, spend some time reading their press releases to find out more about more about their overall vision as well as any recent events. Be sure to look at investor relations as well to find out more about their financial status via annual reports and quarterly earning conference call reports. Look up their mission/values to make sure they align with yours and make sure to be able to recall basics of the company such as the company size, locations and when they were created.  

Search the company

You should also search the company using a search engine (we prefer Google) and see what news articles pop up. It’s also useful to check out their LinkedIn profile page. You can also see if they have a profile on The Muse which will be helpful to get an inside look at the company culture. If the company is public, look up their stock and if they are a startup, look up their profile on Crunchbase.

 Look at the company’s community interaction

Look at social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to see how employees engage with others and with their company.  This will also give you some insight into how the company interacts with its clients and customers. Read Glassdoor reviews to see what employees of the company have to say about the pros and cons of working there. Glassdoor should also provide you some insight about the interview process at the company.

Research the interviewers

Don’t just stop at researching the company; make sure you do some investigating on who you will be interviewing with. You can use tools such as LinkedIn to learn more about their background.

Make sure you have great questions

Not only should you know who is interviewing you but make sure you come up with specific questions you could ask the interviewer focusing on their background and their job now.

Reaching out to Past Employees

Try to find past or current employees to speak with and build on what you already have found out. Having their input would provide a valuable perspective.

Look beyond the company

Learn more about the industry as a whole and talk about competitors. Look up competitors by going to the LinkedIn company page and scrolling down to the “Other Companies People Viewed” section. Or, if the company has a Crunchbase page, you should be able to find a list of competitors on its profile. Follow the same research steps for competitors as you did for the company you’re interviewing for but only focus on what’s relevant to you – think big picture.


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